New kit :-D

Rear view of Tamsyn in her new pink peacock SOAS kit

It is possible to be a triathlete with a minimal amount of kit. However, I just love trying out new sports kit. As I don’t often buy other clothes (or smoke or drink etc) then I consider new kit to be my main vice.

Trying out a running skirt

For a long time, I considered running skirts to be pointless. Then I figured that I wear double-layer shorts anyway, so why not try a skirt. I happened to notice this Hind skirt in TKMaxx, so I decided to try it out.


I tested it out by taking it for a slow 1-hour run. The waistband is very comfortable, and there is a convenient pocket at the back that I put my key into. I would have preferred the base-layer shorts to be an inch or so longer, but that’s probably because my legs are extremely fat at the moment. Overall, it felt cool and comfortable, and I look forward to wearing it again. It’s also fairly plain, so I’ll be able to pair it with most of my running tops.


I decided to pair the skirt with my Swirlgear t-shirt. I’ve not posted about it before, but I’ve had it for several months. The fabric wicks moisture away and the micropores allow air to flow through it easily, so it helps to regulate your temperature. Also, it is seamfree, which means it won’t chafe, although wearing it inside out is a definite risk! It’s also fairly long which means that my muffin top remains unrevealed and I can wear it on my bike if I want to. I realise that the tie-dye pattern won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s nice to wear something unusual for a change. The new range has some fabulous colours, so please check it out.


Sunwise sunglasses

The final new item that I wore for the run was a pair of sunglasses. I already own a pair of running sunglasses, but I feel quite self-conscious when I wear them as they’re white. When I was at the London Triathlon, I saw the same pair that I usually wear (Sunwise equinox) in black at a discounted price, so I decided to splash out. They come with several different lenses, so I might swap the lenses in my white pair for lighter ones so that it’s easy for me to swap between them when cycling.

New SOAS kit

My other excitement at the weekend was that my new SOAS kit arrived. I had the pink peacock kit on my Christmas wish list, but never received it, so I was delighted to see that the pieces I wanted were available in the sale recently. I ordered the tri tank and the tri shorts. My Team SOAS shorts are the most comfortable shorts that I have ever cycled in.

New kit - SOAS pink peacock IMG_3061 New kit - SOAS pink peacock

I also ordered a pair of Black Race tri shorts. They’re very similar to my team shorts, but I haven’t had the opportunity to check whether they feel as good on yet!


I tried out the new tri kit when I went out for a 90-minute hill training session on my bike. The photos were taken when I returned home, so I don’t think I’m looking too bad!


IMG_3067 IMG_3070

What’s your vice? Do you splurge on kit or rely on what you already own?

I’m really excited about the awesome new SOAS lines… I just wish that there were some stockists in my local area!

New SOAS SOAS new Herringbone SOAS

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