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My running has not been going well recently (by recently, I mean the last two years), but I am determined to do something about it, so now that Brighton Marathon is over, I’ve rehauled my training schedule and have started planning for Challenge Weymouth 70.3. I have the slightly optimistic goal of finishing the run in under 2:15, which is apparently the average time for a female runner who is my age to complete the run.

On Monday night, I trained with E group for the first time since July 2012. The ‘warm up’ pushed me to my limit, and then there were some 1km reps to do, which were tough. On Wednesday, I went along to Ben’s session and pushed as hard as I could, which felt good, but also exhausting. I then ran during the Good Fri Tri and found it hard, but as Coach Eric would say, “The only easy day was yesterday”.

My new training schedule told me that I should run 8 miles yesterday, but I’m still fighting my hay-fever. My ventolin inhaler is helping a lot, but I’m not breathing as easily as I normally would, so after a very slow jog to the start of the run, I decided that it would be better to aim to complete parkrun and not try to run afterwards.

parkrun results

My recent parkrun results
My recent parkrun results

It was a fantastic surprise that my parkrun time was my best 5k time for the year – hurray! Now I just need to get back to 26:XX!

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