I’ve now got a 400m time

Tamsyn holding a tiny tortoise

Well after yesterday’s exploits, I didn’t feel too bad today. I cycled to work today and cycled home again without any problems, and was able to climb the stairs to my office, but going downstairs is not my favourite activity!

I’m having a break from Run Leading at the moment so that I can recover properly, finish my coaching course and get my running mojo back, so I didn’t go to the LRR training session this evening. Instead, I got to meet Katherine’s temporary foster child, George, who has come to visit from Edinburgh. Isn’t he lovely?

Tiny George is 2 years old.
Tiny George is 2 years old.
Hello George!
Hello George!

This is a rare photo of me wearing glasses as I was heading to swimming straight after having a cuppa with George. (Well, he turned his nose up at some fancy lettuce and tomatoes and I had a hot chocolate).

Some of my friends were surprised to see me at the Tri Club swimming session. However, I’m now planning my training for Challenge Weymouth 70.3. I’m going to be exerting myself for nearly twice as long as for my marathon.

It was a really good session with Coach Peter. I was glad that I went as it was a private session with Liz. We did a warm-up (200m crawl and 100m kick) and were then timed to do 400m. I had no idea how long it would take. It was interesting to learn that I completed it in 10:36. We then did some stroke drills and practised turning before doing another 400m set. I had a few problems with my goggles filling up with water and had to stop twice to empty them, so I was quite pleased to do my second 400m set in 10:39. I think I should be able to swim 400m in under 10:30 when I’m less fatigued and have sorted out my goggles. Overall, I swam between 1800 and 2000m this evening, which wasn’t too bad.

Sadly, there were no split times at Ferndown tri, so it’ll be interesting to see how I get on at the Good Friday Tri. That has a 400m pool swim. I’m hoping that I might manage it all in 1:45. (I did Ferndown try a tri in 1:32 – that was a 400m swim, 16k bike and 5k run). Before then, I’ve got a 60-mile bike ride, but I’m really looking forward to my first triathlon of 2014 🙂

What’s your next event?

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    • I guess one of the things that I’ve learnt so far is that you actually need to practise transitions. I’ve spent time in car parks running up to my bike, putting on the necessary kit, mounting my bike, cycling off and then coming back and doing it all over again… but I didn’t go as far as one friend who insisted on runing across teh carpark with a swimming hat on!

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