What’s a #TWIET?

Blueberry protein porridge ingredients

So, today marks the first day of #TWIET – Tweet What I Eat Tuesday. I’ll be sharing what I’m eating with you on Twitter (and here) in the hope that it shames me into making healthy choices. It will also be interesting to get some feedback from people on alternative (vegetarian) options that I could try. I also received (from my husband) a copy of ‘No Meat Athlete‘ just before Christmas, so I really should check out the advice and information in that when I’m planning my meals.

#TWIET isn’t an original idea of mine – I came across it on “Bitchcakes'” blog: http://www.sherylyvette.com/. (No longer publicly available).

Food pics!

I had created a Storify about my day, but it’s no longer available (2018), so I’ll also give you a brief pictorial rundown of my day…

Blueberry protein porridge
Blueberry protein porridge
Lunch preparation
Lunch preparation
Kumquat salad
Kumquat salad
Tofu snack
Tofu snack
Sharon fruit (persimmon)
Sharon fruit (persimmon)
Caribbean rice
Caribbean rice
Hot chocolate
Hot chocolate

So, what do you think of my nutrition today?

Freezing Run Camp

Exercise-wise, I didn’t fulfil all of my goals. My first session of the day was an hour at the track with my Run Camp coach, Ant. It was tough getting there for 6:30am and the temperature was around freezing, so I had to scrape my car windscreen and there was ice on the track.

IMG_1762 IMG_1760  IMG_1758 IMG_1757

Like last week, we were divided into two groups. My group went first. We had to run for longer than last week – 4 minutes, with a 4-minute recovery after each one. Like last time, Jenny demonstrated her superior stamina, but I was not displeased with my performance. I managed to run just over 800m in the time, which also meant that I didn’t have to spend any of my recovery time walking back to the start.

After the running, we had to do some exercises – Romanian deadlifts, 20m jogging (to keep warm), hopping and walking lunges with a twist (and a kettlebell).

It all felt like hard work, so I hope that I start to see some good results this season!


I had hoped to go to my first turbo trainer session this evening, but I’ve had too much work to do to leave on time, so I’ve given myself a break tonight to allow me to blog and read a few other people’s blogs. The first blog post that caught my eye was from ‘Pipe Down Piper’ on motivational advice. I don’t want to reveal what the advice was, I just want to recommend that if you’re stressing out about an event, it’s worth bearing this particular guidance in mind!

The funniest advice that I’ve read on a blog this evening was about the importance of preparation so that you have fewer excuses for not exercising. I know that today would have been less stressful if I’d organised myself yesterday evening by:

  • laying out my clothes for this morning’s exercise and today at work
  • fully preparing my breakfast (or packing something that I can eat at work – this used to be easier when there was a microwave available to me)
  • preparing my lunch
  • reattaching my panniers to my bike (I took them off to repair them)
  • packing my work bag

However, what made me laugh about the blog post that I read was that it appeared to have been written seriously and was recommending sleeping in your work out clothes if you are planning to do an early morning exercise session. I’ve tried sleeping in compression tights before (after my first marathon) and it wasn’t a great experience, so I will definitely not be sleeping in full sports kit. Have you ever tried that?

Creamy mashed cauliflower

I also read an interesting blog post about ‘Creamy Mashed Cauliflower‘ on The Iron You and it sounded so delicious that I’d like to try it.  I’m wondering whether I’ll be able to convince my cauliflower-hating husband to try it.

My first multisport event of 2014

I’ve received entry confirmation for my first multisport event of 2014: Charlton Duathlon.  I do hope that I have received my Team SOAS kit by then as there should be some pro photographers out on the course… although obviously, I need to factor in posing practice along with the other disciplines! 😉

A few people have asked me about GoTRIbal, so here’s one of their videos that explains a bit more:

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  1. Your nutrition… It looks like you are not eating all that much (I’d probably starve on your diet) but with the exception of the tofu and the protein powder, there is not much in terms of protein to maintain your muscle strength. It also seems to be heavy on the fruity side. You may want to be careful with that. Fruit is good for you but it contains sugar and sugar whether it comes from a healthy source or not, may mess with your insulin levels. If you decide to forgo the steak then just adding the proteins via tofu is not enough. There are so many other minerals and vitamins that your body needs. Add dark green vegetables. Lots of them. Actually, go light on the fruit and heavy on the veg. Then add your carbs and proteins (a good mix of beans, lentils, chickpeas, tofu, etc.) All in all a healthy day, though.

    • Hi! Thanks for your comments. I’ll admit that it wasn’t a great day – usually I plan what I want to eat for the week and then go food shopping at the weekend, but with everything that was going on last week, there was no opportunity for me to buy any food, so I was having to make do with what we have in the house. Usually, my salad has 40g cheese, instead of kumquats, but the cheese we had was mouldy (and it wans’t meant to be)… also the kumquats were a special treat from my husband – I haven’t been able to get hold of them for several years, so I was really excited about them! I had the same problem with my evening meal – we didn’t have much food in the house, so I had to make something out of what was there… the tiny positive was that I cooked with a teaspoon of coconut oil 🙂

      • As I said, all in all it looked healthy. I just thought I should mention that there was a lot of fruit in your diet. Fruit is healthy as such but a) it contains a lot of sugar and even though it is good sugar, it makes your insuline levels spike and leaves you hungry (I only learned that recently after wondering for years why I always felt like chocolate cake after eating an apple) and b) if you have it in the afternoon or evening, the fermentation process in your bowels may slow down your other digestion. Fruit are best eaten in the morning until around noon (I also only learned that recently from a former 10 k cross country champion). That’s all my comment was about because a lot of people wonder why they eat fruit and don’t feel healthier, lighter, better… well, it’s because fruit are meant to be consumed in moderation.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I don’t think I could TWIET, too much judgement for me. I guess it’d help if I was trying to behave, but that means different things to different folks. I like your thoughts on preparation. I, too, would have a hear time sleeping in compression tights. Maybe they meant that suggestion for people who work out in sweatpants?

    • Hi Katy! Fortunately, I only received supportive and helpful comments about my TWIET… yesterday, I was at work from 8am until 8:30pm, so when a co-worker came to help me at 6:30pm armed with a Snickers for me, I did end up eating it. (He bought one of those twin pack ones, so if I didn’t open it, he wouldn’t have had one!) I guess if it had been Tuesday, I wouldn’t have eaten it!

      You might be right about the sweatpants, but I also don’t want to sleep with a sports bra, heart rate monitor and Garmin on! 😉

  3. Hey, I really like your posts about nutrition. Would be interested to hear more about the No Meat Athlete book that Stu got you 🙂

    • Thanks, Charly. I’m hoping to find some energy to try some of the recipes this week, so I’ll share them if I do. My long run has been postponed to Tuesday evening, so I’ll need to have a good lunch on Tuesday (#TWIET day)

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