Embrace Sports Algarve Triathlon Holiday – Day 8

On our final day in Portugal, I got up early to bid goodbye to the people who were leaving early. Graeme, Kat and Alan were long gone, and two full minibuses were going for the early flight. Denny was one of the people who was leaving… but he hadn’t packed his bike box nd it took a little longer than he expected. Fortunately, Claire took pity on him and helped him to pack everything, so that they could leave on time.

After the first loads of people had gone, Stu and I prepared a light breakfast of toast and agreed to meet up with Flora for a short recovery jog out to the lighthouse and back.

Pappa Bear's porridge
No more porridge from Andy O until next year 🙁

It was a beautiful morning, so I took my camera with me to try to capture some images showing the stunning surroundings.

IMG_1588 IMG_1587 IMG_1586


It was quite a slow run, but as it was meant to be a recovery jog, that was fine. I also just wanted to get out and make the most of our last few hours in Portugal, as I knew I would spent most of the day sitting on a plane or car.

Recovery jog to the lighthouse Garmin data
Recovery jog to the lighthouse Garmin data

Recovery jog to the lighthouse: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/402161356

When we got back from our run, I had to go back to our apartment to pack. There was a small group of us who were left, so we went to Cafe Pinguin for a pizza for lunch… not healthy, but I think I earned it!We then went to the local supermarket ‘Super Eureka’ to buy some snacks for the journey home.


Shopping at Super Eureka
Shopping at Super Eureka

After that there was enough time for lounging by the pool, before the minibus ride to the airport.

Lounging by the pool after a 5km run to the lighthouse
Lounging by the pool after a 5km run to the lighthouse

Although it was a trip that challenged me in many ways, I really did enjoy myself and can’t wait to be able to book to attend again. I enjoyed it more than my running holiday as there were more activities and less free time, and the coaches (as always) were fantastic.


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