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I’ve been neglecting my blog recently, as I’ve been really busy, so I’m hoping to catch up with a few posts this weekend. I’ve closed my Facebook account, so I’m hoping that will give me some more free time. However, it does mean that I’m likely to have fewer photos from events that friends have shared with me.

Joining some Tri Clubs

I’ve taken the first steps towards joining SUTri – the University triathlon club and am also investigating Southampton Tri Club. It’s not easy working out which training sessions can fit into my plan!

What have I been reading?

I’ve also been reading a lot of information online, so I have lots of links to share.

  • If you’ve ever had foot pain whilst running, it may be that you need to lace your shoes differently. Ian’s Shoelace Site could help you out. Gap lacing is a great way of releasing pressure on certain parts of your foot.
  • I’ve been looking at lots of websites that refer to core strength as a key factor in improving your running. It’s good to know that this echoes what elites do as part of their training. This video shows Galen Rupp working out with Alberto Salazar. When I have time, I’m intending to note down what Rupp’s exercises are. I may also see whether I can borrow a medicine ball for some of the exercises.
  • I’ve not managed to get to any of Laura Green’s yoga classes on campus so far this term, but Laura has set up a great new website, which includes sequences for specific outcomes. There is one to help with sleeping and a sequence for runners. If I have enough time this weekend, I’ll try it out and let you know how I get on!

Top Ironman races for first timers

I also read Sandra’s blog post where she shared a video about the top six Ironman races for first timers (I had the post open as a tab in my browser for several weeks before I finally had the time to watch the video!!!):

  • Texas – I’d love to go to Texas, and the idea of a swim in water so warm that a wetsuit isn’t required sounds nice, but I love the buoyancy of my wetsuit! I also worry that it would be a bit too warm for me to run. Although it may have cooled by the time I start running in late afternoon/early evening!
  • Lake Placid, New York – The lake sounds lovely, but it’s the repeated mention of the Adirondack MOUNTAINS that makes the bike ride sound especially tough!
  • Louisville – The flat run sounds appealing 🙂
  • Wisconsin – I love the sound of 45000 spectators… it might be enough to make up for the ‘tough climbs’ on the bike.
  • Florida – Flat bike and run – where the catch?!
  • Arizona – This all sounds great and I love the fact that spectators can see an athlete multiple times, but in reality, I’m only likely to have one spectator and he’d probably rather be racing.

The challenge for me is that all of these are in the states, which may be a bit costly. Stuart thinks we should do Mallorca 70.3 next year, but that seems a little premature. I’d rather give myself another year of swimming before considering that distance!!! (The alternative is that I could try a local half iron distance in the New Forest, which would be significantly cheaper!)

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  1. Spectators at Wisco are absolutely incredible, even out on the bike course! I’ve been there the last two years, and both times was hoarse the following day from cheering so much 🙂 My bf raced Florida last year, and while flat, it’s a pretty boring course. It’s tough to get out to spectate on the bike course, and it’s plenty warm during the run. Panama City Beach isn’t the most exciting place, either, but it is on the Gulf, which is nice. Anyway, come to Wisco… I’ll cheer you on! 🙂

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