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Tamsyn holding up a gingerbread man iced with a 100 parkrun t-shirt

It has taken me a long time to finish writing this post, so apologies – I hope it was worth the wait! I’m going to go back to just after Paris Marathon…

Posing at the Eiffel Tower
Posing at the Eiffel Tower

After Paris Marathon, it took me a few days to feel like running again, but by Wednesday, Kirsty and I were ready to go for a recovery run in Parc de Monceau. It felt like the most difficult run I’ve ever done – I was almost ready to turn back before we even made it to the park. Eventually, Kirsty and I agreed that we would stop for a stretch after each kilometre. Fortunately, the park was beautiful and there were lots of people there, so I was able to distract myself from my aching legs… and Kirsty and I even managed to fit in a little photo shoot:

Running in Parc Monceau
Running in Parc de Monceau

Sadly, this was our last day in Paris, and we had to return home the following day.

On the Saturday when I returned, I was run directing at parkrun, so I didn’t have to worry about getting my tired legs around the course. What a relief.

On Sunday 14th April, I logged onto my laptop to follow Graeme Buscke’s attempt at Ironman South Africa. Graeme is one of the partners at Embrace Sports and an inspirational guy, so I was looking forward to seeing how he got on. I also followed his progress via a Facebook group:

It was sad that Graeme didn’t achieve his goal, but I was really pleased that he managed to tough it out and finish the race.

We also went out and collected Stuart’s new bike. It’s much smarter than mine, but hopefully, it means that he will come out training with me:

Stuart's new bike: a Giant Defy
Stuart’s new bike: a Giant Defy

This means that I have started to eye up more cycling gear and have also booked us onto a basic bike maintenance course. At the top of my wishlist is this top from Wiggle:


How to nail the Ironman marathon:

I finally completed my 100th parkrun. Although this is an achievement, it doesn’t feel as significant as getting my 50 club t-shirt. It will be a long time before I get my next t-shirt!!!

Celebrating my 100th parkrun
Celebrating my 100th parkrun

Have you got a parkrun club t-shirt?


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