Failure to plan is like planning to fail

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Today started out quite well. I went to RunCamp and as there was no-one else there, I had a private session. We should have been focussing on breathing. That was OK on Tuesday and I’ve got a slight cold, so Ant asked what I wanted to work on. I wasn’t sure, so we decided to go back to some drills focusing on foot position and heel lift. I received some positive feedback. If I can get back in control of my diet, I may be able to do well at parkrun.


Although my aim is to complete an Ironman triathlon by the time I’m 40, I haven’t planned very to ensure that it happens. I thought I’d start sketching out my plans now. I’ve decided to have a goal for each of the disciplines each year as well as having a triathlon related goal. I will try to develop this further over the next few weeks, so that I am planning appropriately.

Year Swimming Cycling Running Triathlon
2013 800m swim 42k cycletta or 82k Marathon Novice – Newbury
2014 1600m swim 63 mile sportive (IoW) Marathon Sprint
2015 2k swim 86 mile sportive Marathon Olympic
2016 3k swim 100 mile sportive Marathon Half Ironman
2017 4k swim 127 mile sportive (Chichester) Marathon Half Ironman
2018 2.4 miles/3.9k 112miles/180k 26.2 miles Ironman

Unfortunately, I didn’t accomplish as much as I should have done at work today. I didn’t make it to running this evening. As I’m very tired, I’m taking it as a rest day. I’ve also got a new issues of ‘Cycling for Women’ that I was given by a running colleague yesterday and the latest issue of 220 to read in bed tonight 🙂

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  1. This looks like a good idea to plan targets for each year leading up to the Ironman but it really puts it in perspective how mammoth this task is going to be 🙂 I just found out about the Victoria Pendleton Cycletta’s which sound like a great idea – I may do the Scotland one in September but it clashes with one of my favourite 10K races?

  2. Yes, I’ve realised that I can’t quit marathon training, but I am excited about doing more cycling and am really glad that we’re so close to the New Forest as there are loads of sportives there. I hate it when events clash. Is there another great cycling event at around the same time?

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