Closed sign on a door

I organised my possessions into my panniers as best I could before leaving work yesterday, so that there would be plenty of room for my new wetsuit in its box. I cycled across town to the Post Office, but when I got there the door was closed. It looked strangely abandoned, so I wondered whether it had been relocated to another building. I then carefully read the redelivery note and saw that it closed at 5pm on Mondays and Tuesdays. I was so disappointed. Receiving my wetsuit was going to be the highlight of my day, but I was denied that excitement.

I got myself ready for running as quickly as possible and grabbed my session plan (“One, Two, Tree” – sprints with Group B) before heading out to my training session with Lordshill Road Runners. I made it just in time to leave with the group. We did a few warm-ups and drills before a sprint session. I then came home and sat down to analyse my stats from the last few runs I’ve done. I was delighted to note that my average cadence was 94 – this is the best average that I’ve managed since I started wearing a Garmin foot pod. I’d love to know what my cadence was when I did my PB. I’d also be interested in learning what my cadence was before my running holiday and starting RunCamp.

My interest in cadence is because this morning’s RunCamp session was all about cadence and running tempo. We started off having to run to a metronome at 160bpm, before moving on to 170, 180 and 190 bpm. It was so difficult running at 160bpm – I never want to try that again. The higher bpms were much easier with 190 being my preference… although 180 felt like what I do with my group. We also did a lot of hopping, again. Despite ‘improving’, I still find that this gets my heart racing more than any other exercise!

The arrival of my wetsuit

The parcel!
Trying on my new wetsuit!

After RunCamp, Stu drove me to the Post Office to pick up my wetsuit. I was so excited. I didn’t allow myself to open the box until we got home. However, when I got home I had to try it on straight away. I managed to squeeze myself into it without any problems, but zipping it up was soooooo difficult. Fortunately, removing it was easier. If the timing for initial dressing and preparation for a triathlon were included, then I would fail before even starting! I now have to seriously think about whether I can do an open water swim.

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