Building up to my first multi-sport event

Runner going over mini hurdles

Earlier, I wrote a long and detailed post about my training this week, but WordPress ate it and I don’t feel inclined to write it all again, so I’m just going to do a quick summary:

  • Wednesday: Swimming before work, gentle run with Nat in the evening
  • Thursday: Run Camp and then a run out to Toothill with Mike, Katherine, Nathan, Pete and Laura
  • Friday: Swimming before work and yoga in the evening
  • Saturday: parkrun with James and shopping for bikes/bike gloves in the afternoon before an early night

I managed to get in some good swimming sessions this week and think I’ve now worked out how to time my breathing so that I’m confident about swimming on my back with my arms above my head. I also managed to do some medleys (freestyle; breaststroke; backstroke… I don’t think I’m ready to include ‘fly yet!!!) My front crawl seems to be getting better as I’m turning my head less.

At Run Camp, we did lots of hopping exercises involving the hurdles from hell, and I now know that my right leg/hip/glute/piriformis is lazy.

Oh yes, and on Tuesday morning, I started buying tri kit. I ‘accidentally’ ordered a trisuit and then on Friday morning I ‘accidentally’ ordered a wetsuit. If I’m serious about this, I’d better get the kit!
The wetsuit I’ve ordered!

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