Monday Morning Motivation – Tried hitting the gym…

5 Dec


Just a little reminder to find an activity that you love to keep yourself motivated🙂

This Girl Can advert

Monday Morning Motivation – The greatest of all time

28 Nov

Who can fail to be inspired by ‘the fastest human ever timed’: Usain Bolt. “Lightning Bolt” is the holder of 9 gold medals in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay at three consecutive Olympics as well as an eleven-time World Champion.

Good things come to those who believe.

Better things come to those who are patient.

And the best things come to those who never give up.

But before anything else, you have to believe.

“It’s hard. It’s like hard work. It’s day in, day out sacrifice. day in, day out.”

“Faster means they’re not going to catch me. No matter who you are, no matter what you’re doing, no matter how focussed you are, no matter how ready you think you are, you’re not going to catch me ’cause that last 10 metres is going to take me three and a half strides to cross the finish line… and this is where the glory begins because when I cross the finish line, I do what I want. Celebrate ‘To di world’. Do crazy stuff because I put my flavour to it. I make them love and enjoy.”

“He has some very special qualities, but as a competitor and as a person he has the ability to focus”.

Don’t think about the start of the race. Think about the ending. – Usain Bolt

Up and… walking

24 Nov

It’s been a while since I posted, and for good reason:


Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite to plan, so my baby was born nearly two weeks late via emergency caesarean. She’s thriving, but I’ve had some ups and downs and was readmitted to hospital. Hopefully, that’s behind us now and we can start moving forward.

ParkLives logo

I’m not allowed to run, swim, cycle or drive until 6 weeks after M’s birth, so no sports until 10th December😦 However, this does mean that I have time to do some planning. I’ve signed up for ParkLives which offers free outdoor fitness classes in a number of parks across the UK. I’ve chosen to sign up for ‘Buggy Mums’ which takes place at 11:30am on Tuesdays on Southampton Common and 11:30am on Wednesdays at Weston Shore. I’m not sure whether the classes are exactly what I want to do, but they are free and are somewhere that I can meet other mums:

“Buggyfit fitness classes for mums and children are an hour long, and usually involve a 3 mile route in total. Classes start with a moderate warm up walk, moving into a power walk or run to raise our heart rates. Each session includes group exercises specifically to the individual selected to strengthen particular muscle groups, and enable us to cope with the demands of motherhood. We finish off with a cool down and stretch.”

A week after M was born, we went to our first parkrun, but we didn’t take part, we just watched and cheered others on. The following weekend, we missed out on parkrun as everyone in our house needed a lie in, so last Saturday, we finally got to take part in our first parkrun together.

When choosing a buggy, Stuart and I opted for an Out N About Nipper Sport. It is primarily a running buggy, and although it is not possible to run with a baby under 6 months old (or before they have enough strength to support their own head), this buggy can be used to transport babies from birth.

Out N About Nipper Sport

It is quite a large pushchair, but it is light and suprisingly manoeuvrable. Possibly the only downside is that it is forward facing, so I can’t easily see my baby whilst exercising.

My view when walking with my buggy

I agreed that Stuart would complete parkrun at his own pace and I would walk it. I knew that this would mean that he would complete the run and be able to join me for my second loop.

It was difficult to know what to wear for this parkrun. I usually run in shorts all year around, so I thought I would be OK wearing leggings, however, it was really cold, so I ended up layering up with tracksuit trousers, a hoodie and a running jacket. I also added a beanie and gloves for good measure… this turned out to be too much, so I had to remove several items of clothing whilst walking.

This was also the first chance that I had to try out my new trainers. Millet Sports sent me a pair of Hoka One One Bondi 4 to try out. Although I can’t run, I thought I could at least find out how comfortable they were by wearing them for walking in. So far, I’m very pleased with them – I’ll post a full review later when I’ve been able to run in them.

Hoka One One Bondi 4

For much of the parkrun, I was with the tail runner, who was surprised by how quickly I could walk. However, there were times when I managed to pass other people, who were able to overtake me on the downhills (as they were able to run and I’m not allowed to).

Stuart ran past me on his second loop and I saw him in the finish funnel as I passed it. He was then able to join us for the second loop. In the last 20m of the event, I was passed by some other participants, so I was the final finisher, however my time wasn’t too bad. My aim is to do the next event in 45 minutes, if possible.

Morgelyn's first parkrun

Morgelyn’s first parkrun

My Decathlon 5k race number

The following day, I took part in the Decathlon Running Series 5k on Southampton Common. Stuart was able to run it, and I persuaded my mum to walk it with me. My mum doesn’t usually walk a lot, so I thought it would be a good challenge for her.

Decathlon 5k route

Decathlon 5k route

The start of the Decathlon 5k

The start of the Decathlon 5k

My mum and I were comfortably ahead of another family with a baby when the tail cyclist joined us. Apparently, the other family had decided to take a short cut. We pressed on and thought the marshals were really good and supportive. As we got within 500m of the finish, the other family had rejoined the route, so I urged my mum to walk a bit faster so that we would not finish last… we just about managed it!

Sandra after Decathlon 5k

This was a good free event. Each participant received a free t-shirt (yellow for men and pink for women). The sizing was a little skimpy, but they were OK. Also, after the event we were able to claim free drawstring goodie bags containing a bottle of water, a pineapple drink, a chocolate cereal bar, a sticker, a catalogue and a lanyard.

Decathlon 5k goodie bag

I had thought that it would be fun to do some parkruns at Christmas and New Year in Cornwall with my family, but the nearest parkrun (Penrose) is not doing any additional festive events. Hopefully, we’ll get to run on Christmas Eve and/or New Year’s Eve. I’m hoping I’ll be able to persuade my mum to join us for a walk.

I had hoped to sign up M for baby swimming classes, but I’m not allowed in the water until December and the times that are available are not convenient for Stuart, so I guess we’ll have to wait until 2017. I’m confident that even if M doesn’t get to the classes, she’ll learn to swim before adulthood!

I’ve also started planning my cycling adventures for 2017, but I’ll need a road bike, so Stu and I have paid another visit to Vankru. I’d really like a Tifosi bike, but the colour scheme that I admired at the Cycle Show isn’t available on the website, so I’m considering a Canyon.

What have you been up to whilst I’ve been off-line? Do you have any tips for exercising with a new baby?

Monday Morning Motivation – Labels against women

21 Nov

Continuing with my feminist inspiration on a Monday morning, I thought I’d share this Filipino commercial for Pantene shampoo. It shows some of the dichotomies that women face. We’re encouraged to be more ‘masculine’ to succeed in a man’s world, but then are berated for that behaviour. A man who states his opinions firmly and strongly is labelled a ‘boss’ whereas a woman is simply ‘bossy’. Here are some more examples of this paradigm:

  • Persuasive -> pushy
  • Dedicated -> selfish
  • Neat -> vain
  • Smooth -> show-off

Whatever your feelings on this duality, the key message is applicable to everyone:

Don’t let labels hold you back.

Be strong and shine.

Monday Morning Motivation – Girls Can

14 Nov

I like this Covergirl advert about female empowerment and breaking barriers. Featuring a host of stars who’ve been trail-blazers in their respective fields, I find this advert inspirational.

Ellen DeGeneres: Girls can’t. Sometimes you hear it, but more often, you feel it.

Pink: Girls can’t rock.
Katy Perry: Girls can’t be strong.
Natalie Wiebe: Girls can’t check.
Ellen DeGeneres: Girls can’t be funny.
Becky G: Girls can’t rap.
Sofia Vergara: [Spanish]
Queen Latifah: Girls can’t run the show.
Janelle Monae: Girls can’t dance crazy.
Queen Latifah: Yeah. Girls can.
Natalie Wiebe: My sport is ice hockey. Everybody told me that I couldn’t do it. You have to just be courageous.
Pink: I was always told singers really should just sing. OK. Well, let’s just challenge that whole notion.
Queen Latifah: I heard that girls couldn’t rap, I rap. Girls couldn’t own businesses, I own my own business.
Pink: I like it when people say you can’t do something.
Ellen DeGeneres: You know, I just learned that you have to be yourself.
Janelle Monae: Girls can’t?
Natalie Wiebe: Yes they can.
Katy Perry: Come on, Cover Girls.
Becky G: Rap.
Ellen DeGeneres: Be funny.
Janelle Monae: Be off-the-wall.
Pink: Rock.
Katy Perry: Be strong.
Queen Latifah: Run the show.
Ellen DeGeneres: Make the world a little more easy, breezy, and beautiful.

Monday Morning Motivation – If at first you don’t succeed

7 Nov

This Girl Can advert

It’s important to have fun when you’re working out, but I also believe in the importance of determination and perseverence.

Monday Morning Motivation – Run forever

31 Oct

In 2016, the inspirational Nicky Spinks made fell running history by becoming the fastest person to run a Double Bob Graham Round. The 49-year-old cancer-survivor marked 10 years post-diagnosis by running the 132-mile Lake District route, which included around 54,000ft of ascent, in a time of 45 hours and 30 minutes. She took over an hour off the previous record set in 1979 by Roger Baumeister, who was there in person to support Nicky during her attempt.


Joss Naylor: “She’s got two legs like my own left leg, just the same. We could run forever, climb anything.”

Roger Baumeister: “It’s a personal challenge. You weren’t doing it to get any particular recognition at the time.”

Nicky Spinks: “My legs, everything, just swelled up and I felt really run down. I got every infection under the sun and and then it was about a month later, early June, when Steve found the lump in my breast.”

Steve Spinks: “But what she’s doing it’s sort of, we don’t know. She’s not even half way and you keep on forgetting that.”

Joss Naylor: “You get some people who don’t recover from these things fully like”
Nicky Spinks: “You have to come to terms with the fact that you might not be coming back.”

Nicky Spinks

Nicky Spinks

Starting and finishing in Keswick, a standard Bob Graham Round involves a 66-mile circuit of 42 summits including 27,000ft of elevation gain, to be completed in less than 24 hours. Nicky, a farmer from Yorkshire, did all that twice, and became only the second person after Roger – and first woman – to go sub-48 hours. Her achievement gained widespread national media attention.

Prior to her record-run, the longest period of time Nicky had run for was 36 hours. Entering into unchartered territory, she pushed her body and mind to their limits and endured countless highs and lows. She was supported throughout by family and friends, including fell running legend Joss Naylor.

Nicky was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. She underwent treatment and made a strong recovery. Since then she has set multiple fell and ultra running records across the UK and placed high in some of Europe’s toughest races.

The film will be released in November 2016. Until then, you can read Nicky’s blogpost: Nicky Spinks: My Double Bob Graham Round





Still waiting

25 Oct

Well, I’m still hanging on waiting for mini me to arrive, but she seems to be as stubborn as Stuart/determined as me!

I’ve eaten plenty of spicy food, but there’s a limit to how much curry/fajitas/chilli I can take! I’ve also eaten a lot of fresh pineapple, but apparently pregnant women need to eat at least 7 for the bromelain to have any effect!

Fresh pineapple

Fresh pineapple

On Monday, I went to tri club swimming, which was fun, but I think people were surprised to see me there. Then on Tuesday, I went out for a brisk walk up and down a nearby hill whilst Stuart did a scheduled hill sprints training session.

Stuart doing hill sprints

Stuart doing hill sprints

img_7916 img_7917

I was advised against doing parkrun on Saturday, which was disappointing as I felt fit and well and I missed seeing everyone, but I took the opportunity to have a lie in instead. I also didn’t make it to swimming last night, so I’m hoping to fit in a brisk walk (to get some raspberry leaf tea) today before having a relaxing massage.

Fingers crossed that I’ll have some news soon!




Monday Morning Motivation – Limitless passion

24 Oct
My mom wanted me to be a truck driver because that would mean I would make $24 000 a year if I went to truck masters and that’d be twice with my father made. And she thought that would happen, but something inside of me said, “I don’t want to drive a truck. There’s something else that matters more to me” and I decided I was not going to go for money instead of passion, and the rewards been pretty amazingly better than being a truck driver It’s not about being a truck driver; it is just not what I was after. I look back and one of the things that helped me was my original teacher, Jim Round, a personal development speaker I went to hear when I was 17.
He said something the first time I heard him. He said, “You know it’s really simple. If you want life to change, you gotta change. If you want life to be better, you’ve got to get better! It’s the only way it happens” and luck will show up for other people and it will leave them, but if you’re constantly improving who you are and what you give, game over!
When people ask me, ‘What does it take to be happy?’ I always tell them one word: progress. Progress equals happiness. Even if you’re not where you want to be yet, if you’re on the road, if you’re improving, if you’re making progress. You’re going to love it. You’re going to feel alive. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter how successful you are, if you stop growing, you start dying inside.
I’ve always had this belief: if you want to be successful in anything in life never leave the site of setting a goal without doing something that commits you to fulfillment.
If you get like you’re in state right when you do something, while you’re in state, that’s the time to commit yourself to something that makes you follow through.
So, I’d call somebody up. I’d schedule something. I’d lock in the next meeting. I sign up for the class. I’d enrol the guy who was going to mentor me. I’d set the meeting with a mastermind of people I’d met. I did something so that whatever I committed to, there was something when I went home that would pull me there. It’s structure.
This could be the greatest time you ever live… if you control what you focus on, if you find a more empowering meaning and if you decide to model the actions of those who succeeded before you. It can be the best financial time, the best emotional time, that spiritual time of your life, but you better take control of your state and if you think you’re going to do it just by today, you’re wrong!
You’re going to need to get yourself some rituals. Right now every one of you in this room is controlled by your rituals. I don’t just mean this one. I mean every morning you get up. I know your body. I can look at your body right now and I can guess your rituals. Some of you, your ritual’s to work out five times a week. I can see it clearly. Four to six times a week. It’s obvious. Because you couldn’t look like that if you didn’t do that. Some form of work out. I don’t care if it’s walking, lifting, whatever. Somebody is obviously lifting weights as part of it, you can see by that man’s muscles. I know. I know what his rituals are because your life comes from your rituals. If you don’t develop the ritual, you’re kidding yourself. How many of you agree with me on this? Raise your hand and say, ‘Aye!’
And there are rituals that put you in state and rituals that take you out of state.
But if you’ve got what you know that focus, the target and you got the toolbox, and you’re still not getting what you want, it’s because you got inner conflicts. That what they’re doing. You’ve got to resolve your inner conflicts. Because what I’m trying to explain to you is eighty percent success in anything is your psychology and 20 percent is the mechanics. So, those inner conflicts are when you take two steps forward and pull three steps back.
Right when you say, “Boy I am totally committed to this”, but you don’t follow through. This is my expertise – the why guy part. Why? Why do you keep saying you want this? You have crystal clarity. You have the tools and you’re still not getting it. There’s a conflict in you. Align your life to what is most important and then once you’re in a position where you’re aligned, guess what you’ll do – take action! You only have to work at it. When everything is in alignment, there’s nothing pulling you away – boom! You go for it.
Progress comes when you tell yourself the truth and you’re able to feel the uncertainty and take action anyway. The thing that stops us is always fear. It’s no surprise. Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of not looking good and that fear we could translate into the simple thing of uncertainty. Now, when you look at someone who’s incredibly successful, you look at someone who is truly a leader in their life, or in their field, the one thing they have in common is they exude this sense of certainty. Where’s that come from? Is it inborn? Are they lucky? Are things just going their way? No! Great leaders know to step on the uncertainty and bring the certainty to the situation.
Most people in life… we really feel like the level of stress in our life comes to: how much of life do you feel like you control? How much does life control you? You tend to control more what’s going on or are events controlling it? It’s very easy as those events start to take control and unless we take control of what’s between our ears, our own minds. You see, what you and I focus on massively affects how we feel – whether we are thriving or surviving. If you focus on what you can’t control, if you focus on the past, if you focus on what’s missing from your life constantly, that pattern of focus will make you frustrated, overwhelmed and depressed. It won’t even matter if your taking antidepressants, if you keep focusing on what you can’t control, on what’s missing from your life, you’re going to feel depressed. You can take as many antidepressants as you want. Focus equals power. If you want to thrive, you got to focus on what you can control. You got to focus on the difference you can make. You got to focus on what’s already in your life that you’re grateful for, so you’ve got to find a story that’s going to empower you to act. A story that is going to get you to find a breakthrough, because otherwise with a lousy story you’ll never find the strategy, or you’ll come up with a reason why it’s too expensive, you can’t get there, you can’t access it… or you’ll even get the strategy and then half-ass applying it, just so you can reward your story and say it doesn’t work as I tried it.
Resourcefulness is the ultimate resource. And if you don’t have what you want, stop telling yourself the story, because you don’t have the money, you don’t have the time – that’s bullshit! It’s because you haven’t committed yourself where you would burn your boats. If you want to take the fucking island, burn your fucking boats. And you will take the ante, because people when they’re going to the die or succeed tend to succeed. But most of us give ourselves a way out, and that’s why we don’t have what we want.
I think about where this journey began for me… my desire to serve. You know every day, before I get on stage, I do this thing with myself, at a peak state. My last words are usually, ‘Lord’. You know, I have my prayer and every day my goal is to be a blessing in people’s lives. Just do more, get more, share more, create more and what you need will be there. It’s like air, you don’t stop to think about when you take a breath wehether it’ll be there or not, it’s always going to be there. You just gotta do your part.

Monday Morning Motivation – Meet Non Stanford’s Toughest Opponent

17 Oct

Triathlon is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. Mastering three disciplines simultaneously puts an immense amount of pressure on an athlete’s body.

After a string of injuries forced Non Stanford to take a break from her sport in 2008, it was the mental strain of starting all over again that challenged her the most. It was during this period that Non had to learn true patience, accepting her limits, understanding her body and controlling the urge to push beyond what she could do. The gruelling and often lonely training tested Non’s mental resilience. While many athletes would have thrown in the towel, Non used the experience to emerge a more complete competitor.

There is no greater opponent than the one inside your own head. We explore the mind game that every athlete has to overcome on the path to greatness.

Non Stanford:

To go from World Champion to not even being able to stand on a start line was pretty tough. I was pushing a bit harder in training and got injured. Patience is one of the most valuable lessons that I’ve learnt as a triathlete. I’ve had to learn it the hard way. Everyone has self doubts or moments of weakness. It makes you more tough at the end of the day.

Tomorrow I will be more patient.

Neil Neil Orange Peel

I love my wife, hills, beaches, camping, walking, my landy and my dog.

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