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My 2015 race/event awards

Winning pairs at Brutal 10 Enduro

This year has been hectic. I’ve taken part in a wider range of events than in any previous year. I’ve completed single and multisport events and gone further and faster than previously. I even won a race! Without further ado, here are my 2015 race awards… drum roll, please… Most Read more…

Heartbreak Tailwind 10 race recap

Tailwind 10

I ran my last race of the year today: the Heartbreak Tailwind 10 by Race New Forest. It’s a new race this year, and about the only race I’ve seen in December that doesn’t have a festive theme (I love Santa dashes and Christmas pudding runs, but I’ve run one Read more…

Are you ready to get some winter miles in?

Person cycling in a snowy forest

I’ve only got one event left this year (Tailwind 10), so I’m now focussing on base training ready for next season. For many people, base training means focusing on strength and endurance. I really want to work on some speed in my running as this has been neglected this year. Read more…