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Volunteering hat trick

Photograph of the number 3 painted on a wall.

I started 2020 with a parkrun double, but since then I’ve not run at parkrun. Instead, I’ve been volunteering. I’ve been Run Director three times in a row at Southampton. It would have just been two runs, but I’ve swapped one slot with another RD. Later this year, M will Read more…

Kingsbury Water parkrun

Tamsyn holding a Kingsbury Water parkrun selfie frame.

This year as part of the parkrun Conference, delegates were driven to Kingsbury Water parkrun. I was really excited to see what it would be like as it’s not an event that I’ve tried before. Trail-testing CONTRA When we arrived at Kingsbury Water, there was a stand with CONTRA clothing Read more…

Leamington parkrun with the parkrun Ambassadors

Parkrun Annual Conference delegates at Leamington parkrun

As part of the parkrun Ambassadors’ Conference, we were taken by coach to Leamington parkrun. Some people chose to run there… and an unlucky coachload worried that they would have to run there as their coach broke down. Fortunately, there was room for them to squeeze onto the other coaches. Read more…

Tilgate parkrun with parkrun ambassadors

View of the lake at Tilgate parkrun

OMG! What an amazing but completely exhausting day yesterday was. It started at about 2am when M decided it was time for a party. I tried to encourage her to ‘lie down and cuddle mummy’. Somehow that was interpreted as ‘why not use Mummy’s bed as a trampoline?’ We ended Read more…