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Are you at risk of Red-S?

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For many years, the Female Athlete Triad was a recognised condition characterised by:– energy deficiency with or without disordered eating– menstrual disturbances/amenorrhoea– bone loss/osteoporosis.However, this classification failed to recognise that male athletes (whilst obviously not suffering from amenorrhoea) could also be at risk of this condition. The new name: Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (Red-S) more Read more…

How to get a running injury – a step-by-step guide

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Everything’s been so busy recently with consecutive weeks of: Scilly Swim Challenge A week away at a conference for work New Forest 100 Sportive YMCA Tour de Y A few days away in Germany for a conference Durlach Turmberglauf which is why I’ve not been blogging much. I’ve got so Read more…