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Regaining my mojo at MoRun

Tamsyn, Kate and Laura with their MoRun medals.

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken part in a 10k race (or any other running race). I was really excited to take part as I love running, but also because it’s supporting a good cause. Before the race, I met up with my friends Kate and Laura. We Read more…

Preparing for Southampton MoRun

A road that goes off into the distance.

Southampton MoRun is fast approaching, and I’ll be honest that my preparations have not been ideal thus far. I’ve only done 13 runs over 9km so far in 2018. The last time I ran that far was at Thunder Run in July. My most recent parkruns I had plans to Read more…

MoRun in Southampton + 21 other locations in the British Isles

Lego figure with a large moustache

I was really excited to learn that a MoRun will be taking place in Southampton this year. Every year Southampton hosts Race for Life and various other runs to raise awareness of women’s cancers, but there are few events to raise awareness and valuable funds to support men’s health. Prostate Read more…