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Annoying marathon runners

Marathon runners (or marathoners)

This post on annoying marathon runners made me smile, so I thought I’d share it with you. Enjoy!

Monday Morning Motivation – Skid Row Marathon

Skid Row Marathon logo

I recently saw this trailer and was really inspired by it. I hope that I’ll get a chance to see to see this film soon. When a criminal court judge starts a running club on LA’s notorious skid row and begins training a motley group of addicts and criminals to Read more…

Monday Morning Motivation: We are marathoners

Marathon runners (or marathoners)

Marathoners are a different breed. Their world is full of meticulous planning; of getting up before the sun; of personal sacrifice, of lungs gasping for air as they struggle to finish that last mile… But that’s not all there is to it. They do it because they love it. They Read more…

Southampton Marathon – possibly the best race I’ve ever had!

Tamsyn's marathon certificate

When I heard that there was going to be a full marathon in Southampton, I immediately wanted to enter. I’ve never been lucky enough to get a place in London Marathon, so this is the next best thing (for me). I also thought Southampton Marathon would be a good comeback Read more…

Monday Morning Motivation – Harriette Thompson

Harriette Thompson running a marathon

I regularly hear people say that they can’t do something because they’re too old. Whilst a few individuals really do have limitation for the majority of people, the only limit is their imagination*. Harriette Thompson is someone who has never let age get in the way of achieving her goals. Read more…

My longest ever swim (and a cold dip in the lake)


It has been such a busy week, with lake swimming, cross fit and running so I think tomorrow may be a rest day. Cross fit On Monday morning, I had a cross fit session with SUTRI for the first time in a few weeks. There were only 4 of us Read more…

Monday Morning Motivation – The Marathon

Silhouette of a person on a wet beach with a colourful sky

What persuades someone to take part in a marathon? Is it because people love running? Is it to show how talented you are? I would argue that for many people it’s about far more than that. To run 26.2 miles or 42.2km takes dedication and determination to succeed. It is Read more…

What will it take to run a 2 hour marathon?

Abstract illustration of a man running fast.

I recently read something on Runners World about what it will take to run a two-hour marathon: It’s a completely fascinating article, so I urge you to read it if you have the chance. If not, here’s a summary of the main points that are made: The right race Read more…

Monday Morning Motivation – Marathon Training

Tamsyn and Pete during Southampton Marathon

If you’re starting to think ahead and are running a marathon in Spring 2015, then this infographic may help you out Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

Monday Morning Motivation – Way to go!

Steve Way is  hugely inspirational man, who was an unhealthy and overweight smoker just 7 years ago, but who is now going to represent England in the Commonwealth Games. You can read his amazing story here: Amazingly, not only does Steve hold down a full-time job whilst running over 100 Read more…