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Swim the triangle, run the prom

Jubilee aquathlon medal

This week I’ve been down in Cornwall visiting my mum for her birthday. There are loads of events on this weekend (including Lordshill 10k and Southampton City Ride), but I had intended to do St Ives Biathlon. This is a race that involves running and swimming, not skiing and shooting. Read more…

Swimming, cycling and running in Cornwall

Stunning image of Jubilee Lido

Are you sitting comfortably? This could be a long post! I booked two weeks off work to go home to Cornwall and see my sister and her boyfriend who are over from Australia. The weather was gorgeous so I managed to get some swim bike run love in although I Read more…

“Sleep-deprived triathletes face an uphill battle”

Zigzag path up a mountain

Sleep-deprived triathletes face an uphill battle is the title of an article I read today. However, despite agreeing fully with its contents, here I am. It’s five past eleven and I’m blogging about my training because I promised I’d keep on track for a week!!! I really should have more sleep Read more…