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My first DNF and I’m OK about it

An image of a runner with a cramp to illustrate the possibility of DNF

Everything seems to have been going so well recently. My running has been going well, I achieved a new PB for distance swimming and I’m starting to work with a nutrition coach, so I’ve been feeling positive. However, my home is a bit chaotic as I’ve not kept on top Read more…

Finally back to some training

On Saturday morning, I volunteered at parkrun as I’m still not ready to run again, but later on, I decided to risk getting back on my bike. Teri was kind enough to be my escort for a sedate ride. We covered about 10 miles in an hour, so I definitely Read more…

Day 3 of Pyrenees Tri Camp with Embrace Sports

Embrace Sports logo

There was a slight change to the original schedule. We had already visited the sports shop, so the core class was moved to Saturday. After eating some porridge, some of the group decided to cycle to the lake. I was still injured, so I made the sensible decision to go Read more…