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Your six step party season pre-tox plan

Healthy festive soup. Green soup in a mug wih cream in the shape of a Christmas tree, by some red apples, pine cones and fir branches.

December is creeping ever closer, which means party season is nearly upon us. Cue late nights, boozy shenanigans and that seasonal ‘fitness amnesia’ that seems to strike without fail year on year. But not this time; this time, I’m here to help you fight the cause of festive fatigue, rather Read more…

New Year’s Resolutions – is it worth making any?

In 2015, I will be: spending more time with my family (whilst also making new friends and expanding my social circle) rekindling my passion for an old hobby (and trying my hand at something new) shifting that extra stone/14lbs/6kg and not giving into any unhealthy temptations whatsoever. Yeah, right. With Read more…

How do you hydrate?

Nuun bottle, nuun tabs and my Garmin

Ever since I was small, my favourite drink has been water. I’ve never been particularly partial to juice/squash/cordial, and would almost always prefer to drink water. However, when it’s cold or I’m starting to get hungry, I can be persuaded to have a hot chocolate. I also quite like jasmine Read more…