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Six-hour challenge at Revolve24

Tamsyn on her bike at the top of a hill

On Sunday, I took part in the six-hour challenge at Revolve24. What is Revolve24? I’d not heard of Revolve24 before this year (although I knew such events existed), so as soon as it was mentioned to me I was keen to find out more. It’s a 24-hour race around Brands Read more…

Am I ready for Revolve24?

Revolve 24 logo

I decided to do Revolve24 months ago, and now it’s only a week to go, so am I ready? What is Revolve 24? Revolve24 is a full weekend of endurance cycling, fun and friendship at the iconic Brands Hatch motor circuit in Kent. The main event is the 24-hour race, Read more…

Why are the weekends so short?

Image that illustrates social media. A phone with a Facebook login screen and Scrabble tiles spelling out Social Media.

It’s the end of another weekend and I still haven’t got everything done. I had hoped to catch up with all of the half-written blog posts that I have as well as doing some additional work for my day job and planning my meals for this week, but I haven’t Read more…