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Monday Morning Motivation – The story of Jacinto Bonilla

Jacinto Bonilla flexing his muscles

Think you’re too old to try CrossFit? Think again! Meet Jacinto Bonilla, the world’s oldest ranked CrossFit competitor: If you want to find out more about Jacinto and ‘Jacinto Storm’, watch this video: ‘Jacinto Storm’ is a workout “for time”, which means that you have to do all of the Read more…

Planning for 2016 and some new kit

Brightly coloured running shorts.

There are so many exciting things happening in the next two weeks that I’m going to have to work hard to find enough time for blogging. Forthcoming excitement Exciting thing number one is a new training location taking shape. There will be a sneaky glimpse next week, but you’ll have Read more…

Another hectic week

End of Red Skye Sportive.

It feels like all of my posts start with an excuse about how busy my week has been. This week is no exception. I’ve taken part in some CrossFit sessions, Southampton Tri Club’s Tim Wilks Day triathlon, and Red Skye Sportive. Hopefully, I will have more time for blogging in Read more…

Catching up, CrossFit, Ironman Dublin 70.3, Marafun, stir-fry and Santahampton.

Ironman Dublin 70.3 logo.

I’ve been so busy recently that I’ve not had enough time to blog. I hope that I can find more time in 2015 – I think that perhaps I need to be more productive in my lunch breaks. As I’m struggling to find enough time, I’m trying to add more Read more…