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Monday Morning Motivation: Jasmin Paris

Jasmin Paris fell running.

I already had a Monday Morning Motivation post planned, but after Jasmin Paris’s amazing performance last week, I knew that I had to dedicate this week to her. On Wednesday, Jasmin Paris won the Montane Spine race, a gruelling ultra covering 268 miles across the Pennines. Whilst completing a race Read more…

Two runs in two days

A sleek modern desk with a macbook, smartphone, glass of water and sports watch.

My first week back at work was always going to be tough, but it hit me harder than expected. I had to give a couple of high-profile presentations whilst preparing for a conference presentation next week. At the same time, I was trying to put the finishing touches to an Read more…

Did it! My first parkrun of 2019.

Multiple queues of people in the funnel at Southampton parkrun

I’ve seen a lot of posts on social media about people taking part in RED January whereby they take part in exercise every day to improve their mental health (amongst other benefits). I would have been interested in taking part, but I’ve really not been well enough to exercise so Read more…

Annoying marathon runners

Marathon runners (or marathoners)

This post on annoying marathon runners made me smile, so I thought I’d share it with you. Enjoy!

Funnel managing

parkrun finish tokens in a pile

I’ve been unwell since 22nd December, so I was disappointed not to be able to take part in parkrun on New Year’s Day, not the first ordinary parkrun of the year on 5th January. Stuart was feeling fine, so we agreed that we would go to parkrun together and he Read more…

End of year parkruns

Pair of knitted trainers with in green with red and white patterns and red and white laces with bells on them.

As usual, the end of the year came around all too soon. It was filled with lots of events and family meet ups, so I had barely any time to blog. Volunteering at Southampton parkrun on 24/11/18 Stuart and I were Run Directors at Southampton parkrun on 24th November. It Read more…

Christchurch Christmas Pudding Race

Pair of knitted trainers with in green with red and white patterns and red and white laces with bells on them.

Stuart thought it might be fun for us to take part in the Christchurch Christmas Pudding 10k. Friends have run it in previous years and really enjoyed it. We knew that it would sell out, so we entered quite early. My original plan had been for it to be a Read more…

Monday Morning Motivation: Running the Leadville 100

Still from Moments at Elevation

The Leadville 100 is an iconic race for ultrarunners. Moments at Elevation, from filmmaker Isaiah Jay, explores the spirit, struggle, and magic that empowers hopefuls across the finish line. Isaiah follows four endurance athletes from Colorado’s Adrenalin Project.   Athletes: Maggie Walsh, Luke Jay, Casey Hill, Jason Michalak   Transcript Just being able to have no commitments, Read more…

Regaining my mojo at MoRun

Tamsyn, Kate and Laura with their MoRun medals.

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken part in a 10k race (or any other running race). I was really excited to take part as I love running, but also because it’s supporting a good cause. Before the race, I met up with my friends Kate and Laura. We Read more…

Preparing for Southampton MoRun

A road that goes off into the distance.

Southampton MoRun is fast approaching, and I’ll be honest that my preparations have not been ideal thus far. I’ve only done 13 runs over 9km so far in 2018. The last time I ran that far was at Thunder Run in July. My most recent parkruns I had plans to Read more…