Cycling tribes

Caricature of a commuter

When you become a cyclist, you become part of a special culture. This culture has its own slang and multiple subcultures. It’s possible to belong to multiple cycling tribes, but what you are wearing and riding will identify you. By day, I am a commuter cyclist with a sensible hybrid bike. I wear hi-vis and use helpful panniers. At the weekend, I like to get on my roadie and put on my lycra.

I love this blog post by Michelle Arthurs:

36 odd things only cyclists would say

Stereotypical images of cycling tribes
© Kurt McRobert

If you can’t identify the different groups of cyclists, then this blogpost will help you out:

Cycling tribes: what sort of cyclist are you?

Television advert

There is also an accompanying TV advert:

Which type of cyclist are you?

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