More good news :-)

I found out today that I’ve been accepted as a Girls Gone Sporty ambassador πŸ™‚

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador
Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador

If you haven’t heard of Girls Gone Sporty before, then I’d recommend that you visit the website. It includes:

  • Fitness – This page includes all of the latest posts on topics such as yoga, zumba and running
  • Interviews – As it suggests this page includes interviews with a variety of people including Olympian Sanya Richards and TV star Mircea Monroe.
  • Food & Recipes – Healthy alternatives, reviews of diets and even information on growing your own food.
  • Lifestyle – Fashion and giveaways – what more could you want?
  • Reviews – Lots of gear and also some giveaways.
  • Ambassadors – Find out about some of the GGS ambassadors and perhaps find one who lives near to you!
  • Podcasts – Over 30 podcasts with fitness bloggers and other entrepreneurs.

Girls Gone Sporty is an online editorial magazine and a social community for women dedicated to living and leading sporty lives. In addition to providing cutting-edge content, we’re committed to creating a support system for women who are striving to be their best selves.

You can connect with Girls Gone Sporty on:

I’ve been added to a great group of girls (ambassadors are put into groups, so that we can get to know each other better, which is a great idea) – GO #TEAMSTELLAR! Here are links to some of their fantastic blogs:

…hopefully, some of these cool chicks will be featuring on my blog in future (hint, hint… I’m looking for some interesting bloggers to interview!)

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